Fedorov has changed a lot after the wedding

Fedorov has changed a lot after the weddingLast summer one of the most beautiful girls of our country, the former "Miss universe" Oksana Fedorova got married.Now, when the date of marriage was almost a year, happy spouse student from Germany Philip Toft admits: new status took its toll on her."I have changed the taste, style of dress and behavior has become more democratic," she said. - Had the urge to all natural. How many times I've dyed my hair! Was a redhead, a blonde, a brunette. Now I have my natural hair color".Thanks to her husband, Oksana Fedorova became insistent and patient. So, Philip the girl had to stand on skis."When we celebrated the New year in Courchevel with the company, all rushed to the slope. On the first descent I fell. Took off the skis and said she doesn't approach them, " says Fedorov. - What Philip said quietly, "It's not my wife." I had to take the coach. Two days later I went".According to Oksana, something has changed and her character, demeanor. And if in the past she had some quarrel with Philip, but now it just stopped by itself.Two and a half years, the couple never even had a fight, the newspaper "Antenna". "In the beginning of Dating I've had my moments of discontent," the girl replied. "But I didn't know how to speak English, and he didn't understand Russian! Two minutes later I was already so uninteresting "to swear". Since then, I realized that many of the quarrels in life can be avoided. Just need a minute to think, to control their emotions. Especially women!" Source: Fedorova has changed a lot after the wedding.

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