George Bush discovered Flemish roots

George Bush discovered Flemish rootsU.S. President George Bush has Flemish roots, says the newspaper "Flanders today".As the newspaper writes, Bush is a flow Willem Baudart (Willem Baudaert) who was born in 1560 in the town of Deinze (Deinze) to the West of Ghent.Persecuted Catholics who comes from a Protestant family, he was forced to settle in the Netherlands, where he became a reformist priest and a knowledge of Hebrew even helped to translate the Bible into Dutch.Daughter Baudart married a Dutchman Hendrik Beekman (Hendrick Beekman), with whom she had in 1623 his son Willem, later arrived at the settlement in America.There he became one of the most successful residents of Manhattan, where one of the streets bears his name - Beekman Street, the newspaper said.It is flora Sheldon (Flora Sheldon) - the offspring through several generations granddaughter of Beekman - Cornelia, married the grandfather of George Bush, Prescott Bush."The result is that George Bush has Flemish roots," concludes "Flanders today". Source: George Bush found Flemish roots.

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