Alexander Tsekalo after the wedding will be broke

Alexander Tsekalo after the wedding will be brokeWe already wrote about the fact that Alexander Tsekalo secretly tied the knot. The beloved showman became a sister of Vera Brezhneva 23-year-old Victoria galuЕЎka. That the couple registered their relationship, not even close friends of the newlyweds.According to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", a magnificent wedding immediately after the marriage of Alexander to play was not noted as a happy event in a narrow range. The hype around his personal life, Alexander would not, apparently, due to previous experience.But, to the delight of the friends of the TV presenter, wedding will be. To shout "Kiss!" in honor of Tsekalo and Dumplings they will be able in the near future, not in Russia but in France. Invitees will be more than a hundred people, and they say that for them, Alexander has booked a plane that will fly from the airport "Vnukovo".The celebration will be held at the Malmaison in the castle of Josephine de Beauharnais, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. April 21, 1799 she purchased the property for 325 thousand francs. In this castle the Empress has hosted many famous guests, including Russian Emperor Alexander I.Now along with the nearby castle of Bois-prГ©aux Malmaison forms a Museum of the Napoleonic era. In it restored the situation of the beginning of the nineteenth century, exhibited portraits, the household members of the Imperial family and other memorabilia, in particular the throne of Napoleon, the camp bed on which he died, and his death mask.Since the premise of the Museum is privately owned, it is often rented out for celebrations. In recent times informally greenhouse Josephine made called "wedding castle", as every year wishing to note here that marriage is becoming more. Rent "wedding castle" is worth 3,500 euros a night, and this amount does not include the price of the buffet and the work of staff. Source: Alexander Tsekalo after the wedding will be broke.

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