Madonna will soon release their new album Hard Candy

Madonna will soon release their new album Hard CandyThe latest album from singer Madonna for Warner Bros. will be called Hard Candy and will be released in Europe on April 28. The next day will be the North American release.This will be the first Studio album by pop Queen since the release of the album Confessions on a Dance Floor in 2005. Before the release of Hard Candy will be on sale the single Four Minutes, the BBC reports.Madonna leaves Warner Bros., which worked the last 26 years. The singer has signed a ten year contract for record $ 120 million deal with concert promotion company Live Nation Inc. This agreement is unprecedented, as Live Nation gets the rights to all projects of the Madonna from album sales on DVD to concert tours and movies. She became the first star of the signatories to this contract.In December it was rumored that the new album of the Madonna will be called Licorice. Later, however, the representatives of Warner Bros. denied these reports. Track Four Minutes the singer has recorded with Justin Timberlake and producer Timbaland. The last album Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor, the leader in the American charts in 2005, according to only in the USA has sold 1.6 million copies.Note, under contract with Madonna Live Nation will issue three Studio album, will organize its concert tours and will also receive the right to use the name Madonna. Organized by Live Nation world tour Madonna on the album Confessions, the singer brought 194 million dollars - a record amount for the singer women.Because of piracy, most of the profits, artists are not from CD sales, but from touring. In this regard, the experts suggest, Madonna refused the services of a company specializing in recording, and began working with a company engaged in organization of tours. Source: Madonna will soon release their new album Hard Candy.

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