Blonde Fomenko announced the boycott

Blonde Fomenko announced the boycottParticipants in the new TV show "50 blondes. Intellectual show" can't stand bullying of the leading. At the next filming of the TV show blondes have boycotted the master Nikolai Fomenko.Sophisticated bullying showman finally took effect. Girls Fomenko staged the scandal directly during the recording of one of the blocks of transmission, in the presence of several hundred spectators. First went into battle, Irina Saltykova.Outrage- Why are you so militantly opposed to girls? Women tend modesty, just because of this, they are silent, and you provoke them to put up with fools, " shouted Irina in response to another greasiness Nicholas. - You're a young man, leading, of course. You had difficult years in show business. But this one... albert, you why like this? Where is your courage?Irina was referring to their next opponent, who asked the blonde intelligent questions.I don't like your behavior, so I don't appreciate your looks. My dear, you have a wife, children, are you not ashamed that they will be watching TV, and you're "Spud" girls?With these words the men were, to put it mildly, stunned. And to argue with the singer did not dare. After all, Irina was the only one of fifty blondes who stood in the forehead to Express their opinion about the incorrect behavior of the representatives of the stronger sex.ConditionsMost girls can not stand not only jokes lead, but also the environment in which they work. Blondes have a few hours to stand in high heels. Contestants are only thinking about how quickly to run away from the site - for this you can and stupid to pretend.- All day we're on set, we were even forbidden to speak on the phone - confessed "Your DAY" one of the participants, producer Vika Morozova. - The fact that, smarter than you, the higher you stand on the stairs, I twice fell at the seventh step. It's unbearable six hours to stand in one place, torment.Well, if the girls still came out in the second round, it's a disaster, because sitting is strictly prohibited dress wrinkled.- It turns out that specially created such intolerable conditions, " says Vika, - to the blonde looked stupid, but it's from fatigue. Before joining this project I considered myself a smart girl. I'm just in shock from the leading Nikolai Fomenko. He not only jeering at us, he scoffs, calling us dorks and mice... Source: Blonde Fomenko announced the boycott.

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