Matthew McConaughey found out the sex of the baby

Matthew McConaughey found out the sex of the babyMatthew McConaughey and his girlfriend Camila Alves inadvertently learned the sex of their unborn child.In fact, when Hollywood actor and Brazilian model came to the hospital for examination, the doctor blurted out, even though they clearly stated that they do not want to know whether they have a boy or a girl, according to the Star."During the visit, the doctor is telling about the child, used the word "he". Noticing his mistake, he tried to justify that all children refers to as "he". However, when Matthew demanded to tell the truth, the doctor admitted that they will have a boy," according to an informed source.However now, when the couple know the sex of the baby, it will be easier to build room for the baby than it is now and deals in Camilla. According to a source, Matt handed her his credit card and gave us complete freedom in the design of not only the baby, but all their houses at a cost of $ 10 million in Malibu, McConaughey recently purchased for their growing family.38-year-old McConaughey met 25-year-old Brazilian model Alves, whose family moved to Los Angeles, over a year ago. Since then, they were constantly together, last year in Australia and in the Bahamas, where the actor starred in films. Source: Matthew McConaughey found out the sex of the baby.

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