Chemotherapy brought Patrick Swayze to exhaustion

Chemotherapy brought Patrick Swayze to exhaustionChemotherapy that actor Patrick Swayze is being held in the U.S. Stanford, takes its toll. As there is a treatment, the actor is losing more and more weight, writes the German tabloid Bild.On the last photos taken on the days that publishes the publication, 55-year-old Patrick is not like the hero-lover, whom he once portrayed on the screen. The sharp blades and thin like a rope hand says about what price he is given the fight against the deadly disease.That Patrick Swayze has cancer of the pancreas, it became known in March and then treatment was initiated. The disease he was diagnosed at the early stage, which increases his chances, but the mortality rate from this cancer is extremely high.Meanwhile, on passing now in France for the Cannes film festival rumor has it that if the treatment is successful, Swayze could return to the remake of one of his most successful paintings - Point Break (point break), released in 1991, where he played a brave surfer-mugger Body, which catches COP (Keanu Reeves). At the end of the film the Swayze character supposedly voluntarily goes to destruction in stormy seas. The return of Patrick in this role would be symbolic, as a rebirth of the actor beating cancer. Source: Chemotherapy brought Patrick Swayze to exhaustion.

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