Sexual problems have turned Hitler into a cruel tyrant

Sexual problems have turned Hitler into a cruel tyrantOn the shelves of even a small bookshop certainly there are several books about Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler.They added one more - "The biggest mystery of Hitler", written by famous Russian historian, writer and TV presenter Leonid MACHINIM. Why the interest in this historical figure (by the way, tomorrow is the birthday of Nazi bosses number one) such persistent? "Do not all know about Hitler?" we asked the author.- There is in the world history of the individual, the magnitude of the crimes which are so incredible that they will always attract attention. I tried to give answers to many questions, but there are things to fully understand is still impossible. The researcher in some extent it is fascinating, however, often pushes to a false perception of the scale of the individual.Actually, as a person Adolf Hitler was a complete nonentity, but the scale of the atrocities is that they are as powerful lens turned his gigantic figure in. This optical effect Hitler's often attributed qualities which in actual fact he was not.- So, the final interpretation of Hitler has not yet been conducted?- All German archives concerning a 13-year period of Hitlerism were immediately opened after 1945. Written a lot of books, but imagine to this day in Germany come out more and more. I just read a thick scholarly work on the German economy of socialism. For the first time in 60 years given a detailed explanation of how the third Reich when scarce resources have managed to create the most powerful military machine and threaten almost all over the world. It is an inexhaustible theme.- What is "the biggest mystery of Hitler"? You made her?- Secrets of the Fuhrer very much. Starting with the mystery of its origin: after all, who was his grandfather, is still completely unclear. Most likely, his family had incest: father married his own niece. All his life he tried so hard to keep concealed and was terrified that the truth will come out. Another mystery is the relationship of Hitler with men and women, his suppressed homosexuality, fear of intimacy with the opposite sex. As a result there was complete discord with itself and resentment at the world around them. It seems that the only person to whom Hitler had feelings, including sexual, was his own niece Gels, Raubal, who committed suicide in 31st year.All these particular and would have no special meaning if not exists in nature, in the fate of himself and of his country. But the biggest mystery in how this man was able to completely subjugate the whole state, to master the mass consciousness of the people so that the people threw himself into the furnace.- More recently we have been taught history differently: historical materialism, class struggle, the movement from building to building. And now, it appears, individuals and their intimate life can have a dramatic impact on world history?- Yes, I think the role of personality in history was much greater than we once thought. She's just huge! I dare say that if, for example, Adolf Hitler died at the front in the 17th or 18th year, no national socialism and would not be. Would be extreme right-wing parties more, but 50 million people would be alive! If he for a dozen years earlier or later and things would have been different. Hitler coincided in the same historical point with the sentiments of the people, caught the wave.- Hitler youth you are portrayed as an ordinary person, a weak and diffident. At what point metamorphosis happened and there was a fГјhrer?- A chain of coincidences leads him to it. There is a version that the turning point was the episode on the frontline of the first world war, when after a gas attack, Hitler was in the hospital. The doctor who cured his blindness, found that the eye lesion was not organic, but rather neurotic. And then not without the help of hypnosis frontline doctor warned Hitler special faith in himself.The second moment happened when Hitler, once in the collection of the small Bavarian party and held such meetings in beer - began to speak. Surrounded by perfectly miserable outcasts he suddenly felt his gift demagogue. He began to clap, and he was filled with confidence.In short, lots of random circumstances into a fatal sequence. He wasn't supposed to come to power. If the Weimar Republic lasted at least a couple of extra months, Nazi wave would break down. And it so happened that a number of politicians who were playing in their own game, trying to drown each other, Hitler opened the way to the top.- It would be so casually? Because fascism had already been to Italy, similar regimes prevailed in other countries of Europe.- Right. At that time, authoritarian regimes were in three quarters of European States.But in Germany was a special case. After the first world war the Germans harbored a huge grudge against the whole world. And false grievances and the search for external enemies - extremely dangerous for any country.- By the way, in Russia, which suffered most in the war against fascism, today skinheads roam, beat individuals of a different nationality. Whence this plague?- There is no paradox. Germany needed to cure two decades and the huge voltage of society, particularly the West German intelligentsia. She wrote new textbooks, created a new spiritual climate. The country has learned the lessons. Even the current German Chancellor Merkel, who was born after the war and seems to be free from responsibility for the crimes of Hitlerism, talks about the historical guilt of the German people. It's worth it.For Russia, as strange as it may sound, the Great Patriotic war was not anti-fascist, it was a war for their country against the invaders. Exposing fascism, its ideological roots didn't happen: after all, the Stalin regime was largely similar. This is well illustrated on the example of East Germany, where, as in the USSR, these "vaccinations" were not made. Not accidentally, the extreme right in Germany current nearly all come from the Eastern lands. Hopefully, solving the greatest mysteries of Hitler, at least one step will bring us all to the recovery of historical lessons. Source: Sexual problems have turned Hitler into a cruel tyrant.

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