Oksana Robski has reconciled with her boyfriend

Oksana Robski has reconciled with her boyfriendOksana Robski, if you believe the rumors, still married his longtime boyfriend Igor Shalimov. Recall that the couple were going to get married last year, but for various reasons, the celebration was postponed.And then the lovers quarreled and did. Of course, of no marriage could not be and speeches.According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Igor and Oksana not so long ago reconciled. And began to think again about the wedding.This time the ceremony is to be held in Sri Lanka. They say the venue for the ceremony was chosen by Oksana. The writer had long dreamed of an exotic wedding. The wedding ceremony is one of the oldest rituals of Sri Lanka.Wedding date is scheduled for April 4th. If remaining to this day a month and a half Igor and Oksana again not derision, Robski still become the lawful wife of the former player of Spartak Moscow and inter Milan Igor Shalimov.And for the curious here is a brief history "weddings" Shalimov and Robski. First time Oksana was to become the wife of football player last spring. "At the end of may was going to marry, then said writer. But literally the day before the wedding I decided that I don't want to say goodbye to bachelor life".This wedding was to be held in December. But this celebration was cancelled. "He hurt me, commented Oksana. "I couldn't forgive.".

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