New album `Animals` destroyed by a sudden flood

New album `Animals` destroyed by a sudden floodMan proposes, but fate makes its own adjustments. And the "Beasts" had planned to release his fourth full-length album in April. The guys managed to record most of the material, but there is an inexorable element stood in the way of musicians.Rehearsal base of the group is located in the basement of an old house. The whole water system in the building is obsolete, but still has not been replaced. The pipe has worn to such an extent that cracks through which began to fill the room, which was rehearsing "Beasts".Sorry, just noticed the above does not work. After detection of a fault it was too late - all the material information from a session source was either damaged or completely destroyed."Polyvalency material, drafts and sketches now, the quality does not correspond to the material that would be suitable for the release of the full album" - lamenting the Roma.The band apologizes to their fans and officially declares that the release of the new album postponed to autumn. Source: the New album "Beast" is destroyed by a sudden flood.

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