The group `Shiny` will change the composition

The group `Shiny` will change the compositionThe producers of the Quartet that won the hearts of millions of men, decided to dissolve the team and can recruit new girls.Now in the "Shining" will be new faces, and former participants, most likely, will be engaged in solo projects. Yet to release a solo voyage Nadia Knob, Natalia Friske and Nastya Osipov.In all likelihood, out of desperation and in order to regain its former popularity, "Brilliant", producer dazzling beauties Andrey Shlykov decided to complete replacement of members of a popular band."This is very weird, but Andrew decided to pursue a solo career of singers, and the team to take absolutely new - confessed "Z" man from the inner circle of producer groups. Because the band for 14 years, now he wants to do something special.SoloistAs found "Z", Shlykov promised to make a solo career of each of "brilliant", including Zhanna Friske sister Natasha, whom he had still not signed the contract. By the end of February, according to our data, Andrew is going to recruit more young and sexy girls.By the end of this month should end casting - confessed "Z" Andrey Shlykov. - After the 20th of the month will be decided who will be included in the new group.The singer until the caution to tell about your future. So, Natasha Friske with a tremor in her voice boasts to friends that she is already in the spring are going to be working on a solo project.- In the spring I write a program of your own, a little nervously, Natalia says. Source: Group "Shining" will change the composition.

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