Zavorotnyuk agreed to become the wife Zhigunov

Zavorotnyuk agreed to become the wife ZhigunovAs it became known "KP", one of the most popular and controversial couples of our show business Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Sergey Zhigunov has finally decided to legalize the relationship.The actor made an offer "beautiful nurse", and she said Yes. As they say, the wedding would be held in the summer - most likely in June. Now lovers think about how and where to host the wedding ceremony.The romance between Zavorotnyuk and Zhigunov began two years ago on the set of "the Perfect nanny". The lovers had to go through many trials: Sergey difficult divorce with his wife Vera Novikova, with whom he lived for 20 years. Nastya did not want to let her husband - businessman Dmitry Stryukov. But when finally all the formalities have been settled, to legalize their relationship, the pair was not in a hurry. And finally, it became known that Sergey and Nastya ready for marriage! We called giganova to know the details.- Sergey, say you decided to legalize their relationship with Nastya?- Yes, I did Nastia offer. The first time I said as much on TV during the show. But nobody believed him, for some reason everyone referred to it as a joke. Nastya too at first did not believe it, so I had more time to ask for her hand is already at home. In the romantic setting I handed her an engagement ring with a diamond.- Nastya accepted the offer?- Yes, she agreed to be my wife- And how her parents react to this?Well, they for some reason at first was scared and didn't believe. But later was glad for us...- Have you already ordered the outfits?It is too early.Witnesses, too, we have not chosen. I think our wedding will take place not in the ordinary registry office, and in an unusual place. I already have one interesting idea.However, if the mother of the actress Valentina Borisovna doted in a future son-in-law, the father of Anastasia Yuri Andreevich not yet ready to take Zhigunov as a son-in-law.- Nastya never marry Sergey! She's just going out with him, and any plans for the future with him daughter no, " said the father of us Zavorotnyuk.But Sergei did Nastia offer! And she agreed? - surprised us.So what. They are not yet married.However, perhaps her father just afraid to jinx it? Friends of the couple have no doubt that their relationship will end the same as the first part of the series, with a loud wedding. Source: Zavorotniuk agreed to become the wife Zhigunov.

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