Madonna purchased the pub British gangster

Madonna purchased the pub British gangsterSinger Madonna and her husband guy Ritchie bought in London the famous pub of the eighteenth century.Pop Queen Madonna and her husband, Director guy Ritchie has decided to engage the business in the field of the restaurant industry. The couple purchased a traditional English pub The Punchbowl, near their home. This place has been famous during the management of the famous British gangster Freddie foreman, who had previously belonged to a beer restaurant.The history of this institution has about three centuries. During its existence The Punchbowl visited Robert de Niro, Barbara Streisand, al Pacino, Barbara Windsor and others, writes Digital Spy.Elite pub, located in a prestigious area of London, sold for the sum of 2.5 million pounds. To purchase this restaurant is stellar pair helped gray is the son of Freddie foreman, who is in good relations with guy for many years, reports ContactMusic. Source: Madonna acquired the pub British gangster.

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