The voice of johnny Depp brought 17-year-old girl from coma

The voice of johnny Depp brought 17-year-old girl from comaHollywood actor johnny Depp has responded to a request for assistance to the parents of a girl who is 5 months in a coma. Parents reported that their daughter was a big fan of the talent of the actor and asked Depp to record an audio message for their daughters.The parents of 17-year-old girl Sophie, which result in a terrible car accident 5th month in a coma, sent a letter to johnny Depp asking for help.Johnny Depp has agreed to comply with that request and made a record, sparodiroval his famous character Jack Sparrow. Moreover, the main Hollywood pirate was so moved by the incident that he had promised to visit the hospital Southampton General Hospital, where there is Sophie.As reported by Digital Spy, the girl regained consciousness, however, until full recovery she need to undergo intensive therapy. Her parents are sure that the help of johnny Depp will have a positive impact on the health of their daughter, and she quickly goes on the amendment."We turned to Depp, as have not seen another tool for healing our daughter, it became our last hope, so we decided to write him. This week, for the first months of treatment, our daughter moved his foot. My wife and I literally jumped for joy," - said the father of Sophie. Source: the Voice of johnny Depp brought 17-year-old girl from coma.

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