The cause of death of lady Di became illegal actions of journalists

The cause of death of lady Di became illegal actions of journalistsThe Grand jury indicted in the death of Princess Diana paparazzi and her driverApril 8, 2008The cause of death of Princess Diana and her friend Dodi Fayed in a car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997 became illegal actions of journalists of tabloid publications, chased their car, and driver Henri Paul.To this verdict came 11 jurors on the results of nearly six months of hearings at London's Royal court. The discussion of the verdict of the jury took 23 hours, RIA "Novosti".Jury returned two separate verdict - one in the case of the death of the Princess, and the second is the case of the death of her friend. Procedural case of the death of Diana and Dodi were considered separately, although hearings on them were joint.The first jury verdict against Dodi Fayed, and after a few minutes the same verdict against the Princess.According to the jury, the death of Diana and her friend called "extremely careless driving" the French driver Henri pitch and chased the car of the Princess of vehicles photographers-paparazzi. The main cause of the accident is referred to as driving while intoxicated Henry Field, which led to a car accident, and the fact that none of the passengers of the crashed Mercedes was not wearing a seatbelt.Judge Scott Baker stated that this case was never identified no evidence in support of theories of the conspiracy to murder the Princess, had insisted the father of Dodi, the Egyptian billionaire Mohamed al-Fayed, who actually initiated the process.Despite actually guilty verdict against French photographers-paparazzi, the British Ministry of justice on Monday evening issued a clarification that the British authorities can't prosecute foreign nationals for crimes committed in another country, even if his victims were subjects of great Britain, ITAR-TASS reported.The hearing at London's Royal court was held in early October 2007. Previously, under the guidance of former head of Scotland Yard Lord Stevens was conducted three-year investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of the Princess. The jury heard testimony from more than 250 witnesses from eight countries.The sons of the late Princess of Wales, princes William and Harry - already had time to thank the jury trial for laborious and suspended work on the verdict about the death of the Princess. This is stated in a joint statement, the sons of Diana."We agree with their verdicts and are both deeply grateful to each and every one of them for the fortitude they have shown in the face of major changes in the rhythm of their lives in the last six months," - said in a published statement of William and Harry.Princes also thanked presiding at the hearing, the judge Lord Scott Baker and the sole survivor of a car accident Princess Diana's bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, who gave evidence to the court. "Finally, we both would like to Express my deepest gratitude to all those who so strenuously fought for saving the life of our mothers that tragic night," said the princes. Source: the Cause of death of lady Di became illegal actions of journalists.

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