Singer Svetlana Surganova urgent surgery

Singer Svetlana Surganova urgent surgeryPopular Russian singer Svetlana Surganova was in the hospital, she was urgently operated. The singer was taken away on "fast" and immediately put on the operating table.Press service Surganova urgently cancelled all scheduled concerts, in the camp of fans panic. The fact that Svetlana is not the first time admitted to the hospital. In the late 90-ies it is rumored, even was diagnosed with cancer. Then she disappeared for a long time out of sight, not out to the public and has not released new albums.Then in 2004, a few months have been cancelled concerts. But then the diagnosis was clearer: because of problems with bundles, she could lose the voice. Therefore, he decided to lie down on the operating table. This time happened gynecology problems."We want to reassure all fans of the singer: it's all over now," he told CP in a press-service. The band was on break, and Svetlana was at home in St. Petersburg. He suddenly felt bad. I had to call an ambulance. In a St. Petersburg hospital she underwent surgery. Everything went well. Now the Light is already discharged, she is at home recovering. Until the middle of April we cancelled all performances of the group "Surganova and orchestra". Then there will be four concerts, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. Then it will not be until fall - will do a new album." Source: Singer Svetlana Surganova urgent surgery.

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