Mikhail Gorbachev would become the great-grandfather of

Mikhail Gorbachev would become the great-grandfather ofGranddaughter of the first and the last President of the USSR 28-year-old Ksenia Gorbachev pregnant. Replenishment expect in six months. For the birth of the happy family have already booked a place in the elite clinic in the Alps.Now Ksenia and her husband Dmitry Pyrchenkov completely immersed in the work - need to finish all capital cases, so that nothing interfered with the happy anticipation of the baby. Rumor has it that already know the sex of the baby. But a couple of carefully hides all the details of pregnancy, on the grounds that it's bad luck.According to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", Xenia and Dmitry rented a small house in the mountains. It is just five kilometers from the hospital, where he will be born child. The happy couple chose one of the most expensive hospitals, so delivery will cost the family a tidy sum.First in the Alps planning to move Ksenia Gorbachev. She's going to come back in August, when it is in the sixth month of pregnancy. Her husband Dmitry will regularly visit his wife, and then will move to it.By the way, now Dmitry Pyrchenkov (former concert Director Abraham Russo) works with Tatyana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats. Prior to that, he worked together with Ksenia and even were in subordination. According to some reports, the couple have decided to work in different places, because it is too difficult to combine the service and personal relationships. Source: Mikhail Gorbachev would become the great-grandfather of.

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