Zemfira kicked out of the apartment for debts

Zemfira kicked out of the apartment for debtsKnown troublemaker Zemfira Ramazanova from November 2006 did not pay for electricity.Only this time the Ramazanova "dripped" over 22 000.Such "trifles" as the payment of electricity, the singer, apparently, is not time - she had bigger event cancels. For example, yesterday was cancelled autograph session Zemfira that fans of the star waited for over a year."The action is cancelled for technical reasons," explained the organizers of the event. Technical reason, as we found out the "Z" was unplanned St. Petersburg vacation the Ramazanova. A few days ago, after playing a concert in the Northern capital, the actress decided to stay there for a few days to gain strength before a big solo concert in Moscow.Account- Zemfira long time didn't go back home for a few days, - has shared with "Z" neighbor stars on the landing. - She has a whole drawer Packed utility bills. Lately it seems to be generally not paying any attention to them.And in vain. For her, this amount may be small, but energy can star and "dark" to arrange for non-payment.- Last time Ramazanova contributed money for the light in November 2006, commented "Z" in "Mosenergosbyt". - The debt is already 22 472 of the ruble. This amount is given without regard to the reset. And so there is even more. We sent her one notification at the end of February, but it apparently went unnoticed. Even one or two warnings - and we will be forced to leave her without light. Source: Zemfira kicked out of the apartment for debts.

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