Singer Nadezhda Babkina causes laughter

Singer Nadezhda Babkina causes laughterIn April fool's Day, we asked celebrities from different fields to tell jokes. As it turned out, with a sense of humor in our stars is no problem. I hope you will smile with them.So, the blonde TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya told the joke about the blonde: "the doctor comes to reception pretty blonde:Blonde:- Doctor, I have something with memory happened. Everything that is happening to me, after five minutes you forget.The doctor:- Yes, this is serious, very serious. Well, get undressed, lie on Kostochka.The famous showman and a connoisseur of jokes Roman Trachtenberg feed with an anecdote that just recently he said one of the listeners.The dealership Bentley comes some man in Telogreika, cotton pants and a helmet.Says:- How much does this machine here?- 250 thousand euros, - I answered him.- A little expensive. A loan can offer?- Yes, 25 thousand euros per month.- A little expensive.- I can offer two years, 12.5 thousand euros per month.- A little expensive.Seller says:"Well we can offer you some machine cheaper...A guy says:- It would be certainly cheaper, but the plate with my crane fell on precisely this.Singer Nadezhda Babkina, though proud of his Cossack roots, the joke store about Ukrainians, "Made him the crest of a huge sandwich with bacon. Started eating, but here's the problem - does not fit in the mouth. He's so this, so that - even bite it. Another goes by:- Come, can Toby razrezati?- Yes, otot (showing on the corners of the lips).And here is what the anecdote told us Timur Rodriguez: "got a kid in aviation. Gave him the task - plane wipe with alcohol. He took vedrashko ALCO, dunks back the cloth and samoleta rubs. Suitable ensign and c square eyes says:- You SHO?! C gone mad?!"What?"Look..." said the ensign, takes the bucket, chugs, breathing on the plane and begins to RUB with a rag, saying, And toovercome the layer...".

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