Alika Smekhova appeared in public after giving birth

Alika Smekhova appeared in public after giving birth The birth of a child a woman's happiness with a side effect. The mother suffers the real test, which is often hard-hitting impact on the figure.Western stars are struggling with this problem with ease, nutritionist and personal trainer, resulting in the 2 weeks after giving birth look like they had a vacation in a SPA resort in Dubai. Pictures of Jennifer Lopez in her little black dress sold millions of copies, and it was all the world's media.Our stars, this is not always possible. Although in recent years the trend of slim mom is clearly seen in our show business. For example, Alika Smekhova, who clearly gained excess weight during pregnancy, now looks slimmer than ever.At a recent party on the occasion of the birthday of Prado Cafe Alika appeared in bright stretch pants and a thin translucent t-shirt. Agree, this outfit can afford not everyone. To her beautiful figure've seen all Smekhova came on the scene and, fun dancing, sang his new song. I must say that food is the artist herself that evening. She enjoys eating sushi and fruits, drinking dry white wine.The figure of Dana Borisova after birth also did not change. What can be said about the forms, for example, Irina Dubtsova or Julia Nachalova. After pregnancy, the singer is very very stout. But, fortunately, diet and exercise returned girls the harmony and beauty. Hope all of our star mothers will keep yourself in good shape and continue to Shine on the carpet and the pages of glossy magazines. Source: Alika Smekhova appeared in public after giving birth (photo).

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