Terry Gilliam finished the last film of Heath Ledger

Terry Gilliam finished the last film of Heath LedgerDirector Terry Gilliam said that the last film of Heath Ledger "Imaginarium of doctor Parnassus" is finished and will be released next year. The shoot was temporarily halted after Ledger died from an overdose of drugs, reports the BBC.Later it became known that Jude law, johnny Depp and Colin Farrell will play the role of a Hit in the film, and those scenes in which Ledger played will be saved. Gilliam stated that he hoped "to touch the hearts of people the way it did Hit." "I am grateful to johnny, Colin, Jude and all who gave us the opportunity to finish this film, said Gilliam. "I'm excited to share the wonderful game of Hit with the whole world".He noted that the shooting of the joint canadian-British projects were completed in Vancouver, "thanks to the help and support of the family of a Hit". It was agreed that the role of the Ledger will be finished using CGI technology that was used when actor Oliver reed died while filming Gladiator.The producers of the film have set for themselves serious limitations. "Due to the fact that the plot allows to keep all the episodes, played by Heath, the use of computer technology will not make any changes. He appeared on johnny, Colin and Jude, represent different incarnations of the main character," said they.Gilliam has included a picture of the scene in which the hero of the Ledger goes through a magic mirror and into another dimension, where changes form. His role was planning to finish the actor johnny Depp. Then it turned out that in the "Imaginarium" the action takes place in three dimensions, where the role of Tony embody three different actor.28-year-old Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment in new York on January 22. Medical analysis later showed that he died from an accidental overdose of six prescription drugs, including painkillers, pills for insomnia and sedative.As reported ФактNews.ru over the weekend became aware of the contents of the will, which left the Ledger. The document was written by him in April 2003 in Australia. In him all the property Ledger bequeaths parents and three sisters. Since the will was written before his acquaintance with the actress Michelle Williams, who in 2005 gave birth to his daughter Matilda rose, they will not be mentioned. Source: Terry Gilliam finished the last film of Heath Ledger.

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