Bulgarian playwrights offended by Russian theatres

Bulgarian playwrights offended by Russian theatres24 went to play three modern Bulgarian playwrights were put in Russian theaters without the knowledge of the authors over the last 18 years. In addition, the writers Hristo Boychev, Stefan Tsanev and Nedialko Jordan has not received royalties owed to them.Cultural scandal between the two countries wrote on Wednesday, April 2, the newspaper "Novye Izvestia".Pancho Panchev, Deputy Chairman of the Association of Bulgarian writers, in conversation with the correspondent of "NO" noted that the Russian theatres have not entered into contracts with playwrights and didn't invite them to the premiere: "It was a vicious systemic practice and it is unclear why the Russian cultural instance supports it".In the Russian authors ' society, which is engaged in the ownership, argue that at least part of the problem is connected with the Bulgarian organization "Teatrali", which centrally to provide national theatres, but she can't reach Russian partners.In Russian theaters, which were staged by the Bulgarian plays, the newspaper reported different explanations of what is happening. So, in the Moscow theatre "FEST" with Nedialko Jordanova signed a formal agreement, and the fees paid. In Krasnoyarsk drama theatre named after Pushkin renew the agreement with Christo Bolchevism. Approximately the same situation has developed in Republican drama theatre, where signing a new contract with the relevant Bank details. Source: Bulgarian playwrights offended by Russian theatres.

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