Liza Boyarskaya getting married

Liza Boyarskaya getting marriedActress Liza Boyarskaya, if you believe the rumors, is going to tie the knot. Chosen daughter of the famous Mikhail Boyarsky was a 25-year-old actor from Novosibirsk.Apparently, Roman couples developed rapidly. Herself Lisa in an interview to the newspaper "Change" a couple of months ago talking about suddenly discovered her passion for Novosibirsk, local theatre and actors.According to nobles, this year it failed a long time to stay at home for new year's eve. Just because the girl was eager to Siberia. January 1, Lisa with two colleagues and part-time girlfriends flew to Novosibirsk."In the autumn were there on tour, only five days, and a feeling that has lived a full life, enthusiastically told the girl. - Met this awesome group of young artists from Novosibirsk theatre Afanasyeva, watched some of their performances. They have a terrific theatre - theatre-festival, theater-happiness. Five days we were in complete euphoria. The first thing I did when I got back to Peter, went to the cashier and bought on 1 January tickets in Novosibirsk became Friends... unbelievable.".

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