Bush senior was famous for fishing

Bush senior was famous for fishingFormer U.S. President, father of the present head of the White house George H. W. Bush caught on fishing fish Tarpon weighing 61.2 kg. This is the biggest mining, inherited H. W. Bush, for years hobby of fishing.As it became known, the ex-President of the United States fished for sea angling, using as bait the crab. Record catch, he managed to catch on a conventional fishing rod-spinning. After the fish took the bait, Bush Sr. took another 45 minutes to haul her on Board a motorboat. Accompanying the former President faces photographed, measured, and then again returned into the sea giant fish.This data will be made an exact copy of the caught fish that Bush Sr. put in his memorial presidential library in Texas.While fishing is the father of current U.S. President "looked a little tense, but was all smiles and was very determined to catch this fish," said accompanied Bush Ranger George wood, who then helped him to hold the fish during the photographing.As RIA "news" that Bush senior went on a fishing trip to Florida together with his longtime PAL Olympic champion, American skier Andy Mill. According to Milla, Bush Sr. is a serious fisherman, and they fished together in such "exotic" places such as Panama, Venezuela and the Arctic. The name of the former President even awarded one of the American leagues for sport fishing - President George Bush Bonefish Tournament.Recall that at the present time, Bush the elder is retired, the value of which in the current year is 191,3 thousands of dollars a year. In sum, with other benefits owed to him the total amount of payments will reach 366 thousand dollars a year. Source: Bush senior was famous for fishing.

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