In the Internet were intimate photos Volochkova

In the Internet were intimate photos Volochkova In the Internet were personal photos ballerina Anastasia Volochkova 10 years ago.In 22 years Volochkova was friends with their peers, burning brunettes Nikolay Zubov - grandson of the prima ballerina of the Mariinsky theatre Inna Zubkovsky, distinguished as a classical ballet dancer and a brilliant teacher.Seven years ago, Inna Borisovna, alas, deceased, and a grateful student Anastasia helped with the installation of her monument.Now Nikolai Zubkovsky is a character dance soloist of the Mariinsky theatre.Photos from the personal archive Zubovsky posted on the web edition of "Paparazzi".On Volochkova images and performing extensively rehearsing in the apartment, sunbathing together on the beach and drink at the table. According to the publication, Volochkova Zubkovsky and remain friends to this day. Here are just Volochkova already married to lawyer Igor Vdovin and bore him a daughter, and performing extensively research continues.Anastasia is not the first time to appear in the Picante form the pages of Newspapers, not long ago, the Internet was flooded with pictures, which the ballerina together with the civil husband Igor Vdovin appeared in a favorite of many wealthy Russians destination - Dubai.Ballerina, according to the newspaper "Your day", spent hours swimming in the sea and the pool.And on the beach Anastasia, as befits the star appeared fully armed. In the midst of a Sunny day she went out to sea with makeup and heavily rouged cheeks.Photoshoot bathing Volochkova had in Runet then a wide resonance - will have the opportunity to see the famous ballerina in a swimsuit? Source: the Internet got intimate photos Volochkova (photo).

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