Litvinov got the hots for a young actress

Litvinov got the hots for a young actressThe paper deals with Anya, the young talent from Omsk, a rising star of Russian cinema, it seems, is infatuated with not only a former spouse of Eugenia Hook. The party is now being discussed spicy news, published a long tongue of one who you and Renata Litvinova.The lady said that languid blonde is making love to his partner on the film "Cruelty".Picture of "Cruelty", filmed over a year ago, tells about the relationship of a teenager Vicky and 30-year-old unmarried Zoe. And Junior treats and teaches the older, for one am immensely grateful. The theme of lesbian love runs through the film like a red thread. Zoe (Renata Litvinova) unwittingly falls head over heels into a small predator (Anya Begunov). However, she indignantly rejects the whimsical suggestion of a Wiki to "sleep". Their feelings the lady recognized only at the time of the crime, which went for girlfriend:You're the one that I love. I do everything for you.But Vic Zoe is not needed. But need the money, it is stolen. The final picture almost kicks a tear - young creation in expensive clothes walking around Moscow, and poor Zoya in a padded jacket injected area.Does the star system was proetzyrovanie in life?Renata is an amazing woman!".

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