Found unknown photographs of Elvis Presley

Found unknown photographs of Elvis PresleyIn the United States were never discovered previously unpublished photographs of Elvis Presley taken during his concert at the sports complex Madison Square Garden, said on Thursday the Associated Press.Shots were taken in 1972 the official photographer of Madison Square Garden George Kalinsky. He picked up the photographs for the exhibition "Great moments in new York" and stumbled upon a series of photos of Elvis. Within the exhibition it is planned to create three-tier poster on top of the Virgin store in times Square. One of the photos where Elvis is in a sparkling jumpsuit forward her hands, will be placed on the poster.In addition to this photo, Kalinski discovered more than 40 images of Elvis in good quality. According to him, he had never seen the film, made at the Elvis concert at Madison Square Garden, as he was sure that there are no good shots.Found a collection of photos Kalinski will be presented to the audience as part of the exhibition "Elvis Jumpsuits: all access". Source: Found unknown photographs of Elvis Presley.

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