Discovered two unknown portrait of Mozart

Discovered two unknown portrait of MozartDiscovered two previously unknown lifetime portrait of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.Painting was able to identify the Professor of history of music, king's College London on cliff Eisen, who have studied the correspondence of Mozart and his father Leopold, writes The Times.One of the portraits was written in 1783, when the composer lived in Vienna after marriage with Constance. Picture of size 47 by 35 cm was made court painter Joseph Chicalim. Now the canvas is appreciated and insured in the amount of $ 4 million.Professor Aizen compared the red jacket with pearl buttons, in which Mozart appears in the picture, with a description of the same jacket in one of his letters, which the composer sent to his patron, Baroness March Elizabeth von Waldstatten in 1782."I'll be grateful if you could tell me where and at what cost I can buy wonderful red jacket, which I love. I was so struck by its beauty that simply didn't notice the price, " he writes. - I want the same jacket, because it's worth it if only because their buttons".The second portrait of the 8 year old Mozart is depicted together with his sister Nannerl in 1764. Children pose in elegant English suits that their father mentions in his letters. Leopold writes that the costumes were bought in London in 1760, where the young Mozart and Nannerl gave a concert for king George III and Queen Charlotte.The two paintings that will be presented at the conference in London, were acquired by the American collector in the offspring of a close friend of Leopold Johann Lorenz Hagenauer. Both families had children the same age who often communicated with each other. Note, the classic portrait of Mozart, decorating boxes of chocolates and other Souvenirs of Austria, was written 18 years after his death a painter, a composer who had not seen for 36 years. Source: Found two unknown portrait of Mozart.

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