Avraam Russo wants to return to Russia

Avraam Russo wants to return to RussiaA year and a half after the machine singer has raked in the centre of Moscow, he finally decided to appear in public. Though not in the Russian capital, and Ukrainian.- The main condition for coming here was for my safety, told Abraham Russo. - Now guarding me all day, I need to feel secure.Indeed, much frightened singer didn't look - he has lost some weight and got a tan, but, once settled in America, still loves to tell about the assassination.- I was not on vacation - I was operated on, then I recovered, " says the artist. - At first it was difficult to stand on the stage, so I was afraid. Invited to a private party where the host is not squeezed out of me, and when I sung for half an hour, he came up to me, hugged. After that I got a second wind. I went on a tour of Israel. Now finish the new album.- You learned why you were shot? We obtained the police?- This case no one did. This attitude was to me: you're still alive and okay. I'm from America never called, never asked, because he knew it was unnecessary. I haven't forgotten, but forgiven.- In Moscow're going to speak.Not yet, but the plans are there. To Russia will only go on a big tour - not less than 50 concerts, and only after the elections. Need to there were others who would like to help me that would be my safety.By the way, in America, where he now lives with an artist, it is guarded by no less carefully, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda - Ukraine".- As soon as I arrived, we went to visit the police and since then periodically I get a call, asking if everything was okay. We live in a gated complex, so there is nothing wrong with me and the family can not happen.- You're going to get American citizenship?- I'm still thinking about it. I have a residence permit. On citizenship would think after a year.Today Abraham will show in Kiev their new show "Resurrection", named after one of his latest songs.- The song I sang to myself, I saw death and was resurrected, this is my message to God, heartfelt said the artist. Source: Avraam Russo wants to return to Russia.

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