Father personally took Britney Spears to the gynecologist

Father personally took Britney Spears to the gynecologistPassions around pregnancy Britney Spears hot. Photographers captured the controversial singer emerging from the medical center accompanied by his father. Lynn Spears personally drove my daughter on reception of the best in Los Angeles gynecologist.Pregnant pop star spoke two weeks ago, when the Spears stomach noticeably rounded, and her friend-the paparazzi began to brag that knocked up pop Princess. A couple seen in pharmacies, where Spears bought pregnancy tests. Recently the singer has severed its relations with the Arab Adnana Galiba after he learned that he often goes to the waitress from the bar.The younger Spears sister, who just turned 17 years old, also pregnant and will give birth this year. As for Britney, her children - two-year-old Sean Preston and 17-month-old Jayden James - pop star was allowed to see only in the presence of a social worker or father kids Kevin Federline. Officially the father is the guardian of the children.After the divorce, and the failure in the musical career of rapper-loser Kevin Motherhood attempts to propel your creativity never tried, it's not working, he spends days and nights in a small house, where he drinks beer and plays Golf.He lives on the money Britney that she pays monthly, and receives an impressive amount for the needs of two sons. Idle life has done its job: dancer with an athletic figure Kevin turned into the average American with an impressive belly and puffy face. Paparazzi captured tubby Federline playing Golf.Judge "American idol" expressed his opinion about Spears. Simon Coull admitted that he does not consider Britney a victim and not a drop she sympathizes with and understands such stars as Heidi Klum and Julia Roberts, who said that it was ready to help the singer and invited her to move in to his home for any period of time."For all their problems Britney has only himself to blame. - announced Simon Coll. - I'm sure she just took the opportunity when he shakes a pregnancy test in front of the cameras of the paparazzi. She won't leave the house, if it doesn't gather a decent crowd of photographers. Many stars do not appear in the gossip columns because they are specifically lured the paparazzi. Tom Hanks, for example, lives, and no one bothers".The judge went further and spoke about the new Spears album "Blackout": "Her song" Gimme More " is like a ringtone and reminded me of the catchy tune "Crazy Frog". Source: Father personally took Britney Spears to the gynecologist.

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