Doctors are trying to restore it Karachentsov

Doctors are trying to restore it Karachentsov63-year-old Nikolai Karachentsov was taken to the clinic at the Institute of human brain Russian Academy of medical Sciences in St. Petersburg, to restore to him the speech, the newspaper "Your day".Doctors expect that this actor will be able to recover after the application of a special method of treatment based on the effects of electric current on the human brain. A unique course, I hope the doctors can help to Nikolay Petrovich could be fully discussed. While the actor says very bad, and his words hard to understand.In St. Petersburg the Institute Nikolai Karachentsov was going to come back in November last year, but then his plans were prevented by sudden illness. The trip had to be postponed.Karachentsov and his wife Lyudmyla Parginos provided double VIP ward in the Department of neurosurgery. Lyudmila Andreevna on a step does not depart from her husband. Only at night for a few hours it is replaced by the nurse."I can't leave nick alone, admits the woman. - Help him eat, dress. He is now on a drip. While doctors do not allow anyone to him to let. Every day they spend with him special treatment. The results are already there! To be honest, I'm almost afraid to jinx it...".

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