Uma Thurman filed against Loreal lawsuit for $15 million

Uma Thurman filed against Loreal lawsuit for $15 millionThe lawyers of the actress uma Thurman on Friday sued the Manhattan lawsuit against cosmetics company Lancome, reported Reuters.The plaintiff alleges that the company used her image in advertising after graduating from the contract that was signed in 2000 and expired for advertising in Europe in September 2004, and for other countries in December of the same year.According to the lawsuit, customers have formed a "false impression" that the actress is still associated with Lancome. In this regard, Thurman requires to reimburse her $ 15 million.In L'oreal owns Lancome, stated that using the image Thurman after the contract was minor and unintentional. It adds the Agency, the parties ' lawyers are trying to reach a friendly settlement. Source: uma Thurman filed against Loreal lawsuit for $15 million.

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