The triumphant return of Britney Spears

The triumphant return of Britney SpearsSinger Britney Spears over the past few months has changed so much that now it is possible to take it seriously and talk about the real stars return to the stage.We will remind, in January of Affairs actress was not the best way. It was surrounded by suspicious people like "Manager" Sam Lutfi or boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, Britney has taken drugs, alcohol, huge amounts of absorbed energy drink, talking to herself and showed clear signs of mental disorder.Spears then forbidden to see the children and after another disruption recognized incapacitated and appointed a guardian of her father Jamie Spears. Since then, life stars cool start to change. Britney Spears stronger returns to normal, and his father all the time close to her, trying to protect his daughter from undesirable activities.Progress Britney noticed not only in court, where she was allowed to see the children several times a week, but on the record company. In Sony BMG give the nod to future performances of the actress.According to the Sun newspaper, in the campaign for the return of Britney Spears on stage invested $ 10 million. The singer at the end of the year will perform at the show in Las Vegas, this will be followed by several more dates.Say, show Britney Spears would be awesome. Perfectly light set, sumptuous costumes and, of course, the performance of the singer.Now in the power of the star many believe. She is ready to forgive even last year's disastrous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. "Britney Spears is finally returning to normal life and career, - said an informed source, and the whole world will receive the proofs of this." Source: the Triumphant return of Britney Spears.

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