Nonna Mordjukova was discharged from the hospital

Nonna Mordjukova was discharged from the hospitalLegendary actress Nonna Mordjukova was discharged from the Central clinical hospital in which she ended March 13 with dementia.Intensive therapy, experts appointed by the great 82 year old artist, brought the expected result.- She's much better now, she says, and even tries to get out of bed, " says the doctor. "We hope that in the home environment Nonna Viktorovna faster turn for the better.Mordyukova really wanted to get out of the hospital, but the doctors tried to persuade her to finish the course of treatment. To ask to let her go home actress started as soon as she felt better.Hospital walls are killing me, " she complained Mordyukova. - I'm fine, let me go home, I need the book to finish.The diseaseRecall that when Nonna Viktorovna was admitted in the hospital, she was so bad that even to move on their own could not. Doctors diagnosed the greatest actress of serious illness - the disintegration of mental functions resulting from brain lesions. But now it's all over.Take Mordjukova from the clinic came sister Natalia. The doctors advised the actress to protect the nerves and the slightest indisposition to seek help. Source: nonnu Mordjukova was discharged from the hospital.

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