In the United States died the founder of chaos theory, Edward Lorenz

In the United States died the founder of chaos theory, Edward LorenzOn Wednesday in the U.S. died a famous American mathematician and meteorologist, one of the founders of chaos theory, Edward Lorenz. He died of cancer at his home in Cambridge (Massachusetts) at the age of 90.According to relatives, he had led an active lifestyle, according to the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), in which Lorenz worked since 1948.Lorenz was one of the authors of the theory of chaos. This branch of mathematics, the development of which began in the 1960-ies, studies seeming random or very complex behavior of deterministic dynamical systems - systems whose state changes in time according to fixed mathematical rules. He also developed the scientific concept of "the butterfly effect" according to which minor impacts can cause major changes.His discovery he illustrated the example of a butterfly from Brazil, the flapping wings which causes a chain complex of climatic changes and causes a hurricane in Texas ("the butterfly effect" causes, and the allusion to the story by ray Bradbury "a sound of thunder", where the death of a butterfly in the distant past alters the future world).Opening Lorentz marked the beginning of new areas of research not only in mathematics, but in almost all branches of science - biology, physics and sociology. In meteorology this led to the conclusion that it is fundamentally impossible to predict the weather with a reasonable degree of accuracy more than two to three weeks in advance.According to some scholars, the twentieth century will be remembered three revolutionary scientific theories of relativity, quantum mechanics and chaos."Showing that certain deterministic systems have formal limits of predictability, Edward scored the final nail in the coffin of the Cartesian Universe and created what some have called the third scientific revolution of the twentieth century after relativity and quantum physics," says Kerry Emanuel, Professor of meteorology at MIT.Lorenz was born in 1917 in West Hartford, Connecticut. In 1938 he received a BS in mathematics from Dartmouth College, and in 1940 - master of mathematics in Harvard University.During the Second world war, Lorenz served as a meteorologist in the U.S. air force. In 1948 Lorenz protects his doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of technology.In 1955 Lorenz got the position of associate Professor in the Department of meteorology Massachusetts Institute of technology, and in 1962 - the position of Professor and headed the Department from 1977 to 1981. In 1987 he became an honorary Professor of the Institute.In 1975 Lorenz was elected to the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. He had many awards and honorary degrees. In 1983 the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded him together with former mit Professor Henry Stommelen Crawford award, established to areas in which not awarded the Nobel prize.Edward Lorenz in December 1988 he was a foreign member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and later the Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Oceanology, atmospheric physics and geography. In 2004, the scientist was awarded the highest award of the Russian Academy of Sciences - the Big gold medal of a name of Lomonosov. Source: In the United States died the founder of chaos theory, Edward Lorenz.

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