Prince William has landed at the house of the future mother-in-law

Prince William has landed at the house of the future mother-in-lawBritain's Prince William during a training flight landed a military helicopter at the house of the parents of his girlfriend, reports AP.The British media has called the incident a waste of resources at a time when the country's armed forces are busy with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.Landing on the farm of the family of Middleton took place on 3 April. It was planned and approved in the framework of training the Prince's pilot, reported in the British Ministry of defence."The aircraft landed in a field after taking all necessary security measures and has been on the earth for 20 seconds. No one from the helicopter never left and was not raised on it", - reported in the Ministry.They added that the armed forces lack the landing sites and often ask landowners for permission to use their fields for training. The farm is located at a distance of 16 miles to the North-West air base Odiam, where the Prince took to the air.Prince William and Kate Middleton meet since Dating at the University of S. Andrews in Scotland. They're engaged and, say, marriage between them is not far off. Parents Middleton - millionaires who have earned the capital by own forces.William four months were trained to fly planes and helicopters, purchasing piloting skills, however, not becoming a professional pilot.Earlier in April it became known that Prince William went to a bachelor party on the helicopter, which also drew criticism from some politicians and the UK media. William and his younger brother Prince Harry attended the party on the Isle of Wight on the occasion of the forthcoming marriage of their cousin Peter Phillips.In helicopter "Chinook" William went on 11 April, just a few hours after the solemn ceremony of handing over of the badge of military pilots on the basis of the Royal air force in Lincolnshire. Source: Prince William has landed at the house of the future mother-in-law.

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