Shot Tolstoganova Victoria gave birth to a boy

Shot Tolstoganova Victoria gave birth to a boyThe actress shot Tolstoganova Victoria on Monday morning for the second time became a mother. In the family of Victoria and her husband, actor Andrew Kuzichev already growing up the daughter of a barbarian. Now the girl has a little brother.The baby was born tiny - 2 kg 690 grams and 47 inches. However, the boy's parents are large in size.The clinic where her son was born, Victoria was shot Tolstoganova chosen arbitrarily. There's also three years ago the actress gave birth to her daughter.For medical reasons gave birth to the actress not alone - she had to have a C-section, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The operation went smoothly.Now both mum and baby are doing well. As it usually happens in such cases, Victoria and her son was transferred to a special ward to the intensive care unit.There for young mother and child some time will be monitored by the doctors. And discharge of Victoria from the hospital should be expected in the beginning of next week: after cesarean section women usually have to stay in the house at least seven days.By the way, recently the kids have got two more known to all girls. Singer Alsu in hospital in Los Angeles gave birth to a second daughter, and tennis player Anastasia Myskina son was born.It seems, in Russia comes a kind of fashion for motherhood. Even very young women are not afraid to have a family and children. The 21-year-old Глюкоzы is almost one year old daughter, 24-year-old Alsou - two girls, soloist "Tatu" Yulya Volkova at 22, has a year-old daughter and young son. Source: shot Tolstoganova Victoria gave birth to a boy.

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