Galkin took hypnotherapy in Switzerland to the best doctors

Galkin took hypnotherapy in Switzerland to the best doctorsAfter learning that max is flying on tour in Switzerland, the diva decided to go with him to consult with foreign experts.Since 58-year-old singer injured his leg on the set of the program "Two stars", it's been more than a month, but she still limps and suffers terrible pain.Recently Alla Borisovna was advised to go to multi-Medical center of the University of Zurich, where there is a special Department of "trauma Surgery". There are the best experts in Europe in this field.A doctor who treats these injuries really expects the patient from Russia, - have confirmed to us in the clinic. "But she asked not to be named.As far as cases and clinic visit will delay star couple abroad, will depend on the decisions of doctors. Perhaps the Queen of the Russian scene will have to meet the main female holiday away from home.The proposalMaxim Galkin did not plan in his busy tour schedule country banks, cheese and chocolate. This year he will tour Germany a lot, and recently he returned from Siberia. However, the number of concerts in Russia he had to lay off because he received a better offer. Comedian invited as a presenter on the presentation of the company, which is owned by Russian businessman.As it became known "TD", for this work he was offered about 100 thousand euros. The organizers have pledged to pay for the accommodation in the best hotel and a private jet to Zurich. To refuse such advantageous offers home "the millionaire" the country could not.SoresRecall that before the last injury Alla Borisovna has often suffered from pains in the legs. For some rehearsal she had even undone his usual boots. A year ago on the shootings in Kiev because of severe pain in the legs diva asked to make changes to the script and sang the couch. Source: Galkin took hypnotherapy in Switzerland to the best doctors.

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