Sylvester Stallone started shooting `Rambo 5`

Sylvester Stallone started shooting `Rambo 5`On the wave of success of the fourth part bloody Thriller about a Vietnam vet Rambo actor Sylvester Stallone has signed a contract to take fifth series, where he again will serve as the lead actor and Director.Produce a picture will be Danny Dimbort, reports Reuters.At the moment the producers are considering several options of scenarios continue hits Stallone "First blood" and "rocky". Due to the fact that the Studio Nu Image and Millennium engaged in the production of "Rambo", entered into an interim agreement with the Guild of Hollywood screenwriters, the script of the new film will be ready by the fall, and then begin shooting.Several years ago, many doubted the possibility of such high-profile return Stallone on the big screen. Picture of "spy Kids 3D: Game over" (2003), in which the actor played one of the lead roles, failed at the box office. And in 2004 came out not very good Boxing reality show "the Contender" where Stallone acted as a lead.However, in 2006, the actor wrote the script and directed the movie "rocky Balboa", in which she performed the main role. "Rocky 6" appeared 16 years after the release of the latest series of a famous fighter. The release of the MGM with a budget of $ 24 million managed to earn 70 million Recent premiere of Lionsgate's "Rambo 4" was launched in theaters from 18.2 million in the box office and earned 10 days rental $ 25 million.Meanwhile, it became known that Rambo-4" banned in Myanmar, a country where the film takes place. As reported by Stallone, the picture is provocative in relation to the political regime of the state. According to him, the sale of pirated discs with the film, and his car is prohibited in theaters and families of actors from Myanmar who participated in the filming of the movie, arrested.Some locals say that they still buy pirate copies, in spite of the prohibitions. Rambo has become the country's symbol of the struggle with the regime. "Living without a goal or die in the name of the goal - it's your choice" - this quote from the movie Myanmar students use in their demonstrations, and we hope that American troops would intervene in the situation in the country, said Stallone. Source: Sylvester Stallone started shooting "Rambo 5"".

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