Ben Affleck shared his thoughts on fatherhood

Ben Affleck shared his thoughts on fatherhoodBen Affleck talked about how cool it changed his life birth a year ago daughter violet."Fatherhood has made me more sensitive and caring," said the actor to the newspaper "The Independent". - Many things I began to feel more keenly".Influenced his mirovozzrenie and the fact that at birth the 35-year-old actor and his wife Jennifer garner daughter, Ben worked on the film "goodbye, baby, goodbye" about the kidnapping in a small us city girls. It was his directorial debut, which, according to most critics, was very successful. "This is a story about the fact that our society is not accustomed to take care of children the way it should. In addition, I wanted to emphasize that the media, fanning one story and turning a blind eye to thousands of similar, behave hypocritically," said Affleck in an interview.The actor believes that in recent years, he has grown both spiritually and in terms of creativity. He admitted that the UPS and downs of his career have been associated with permanent anxieties. "At different times I have been to work differently. Sometimes I made money, sometimes I wanted to get a new experience from work, sometimes to meet unusual people, and sometimes - tried to give us something to do. Now I have only one goal - to do their job really well." Source: Ben Affleck shared his thoughts on fatherhood.

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