Interesting facts from the past Natalia Vodianova

Interesting facts from the past Natalia VodianovaAbout the fabulous history of turning poor school girls from Nizhniy Novgorod to one of the most highly paid models, and wife of an English Lord heard everything.But some interesting facts from the past Natalia Vodianova become known only now.What Natalia was in school and how she predicted years ago the fate of a poor old man, told former classmates of the model. However the most Vodianova designated in an inconspicuous cafe reunion was not observed, writes "KP-Nizhny Novgorod".Girlfriend stars not mad, everybody knows about the employment of Natalia, so it wouldn't bother calling. In addition, the model now not in Russia, and to come would be difficult."And it's not because she's conceited, says classmate Natalia. - For us it is the same girlfriend that was in the school years".Past years friend Vodianova remember with pleasure. It turns out that in the childhood the future star of the podium was often the instigator of all sorts of pranks."Once, in kindergarten, we without asking took the bikes and educators were rolling on the site," recalls one of the classmates. "But quickly, "dokatalsya" - ran into a pipe and tumbled through the steering wheel. At school we have a couple of her loved to joke about boys - hid notebooks"."Yes, and we with Natasha, when my parents weren't home, threw the boys eggs," laughs another classmate Vodianova. - Right out of the window. Who was more of a marksman, of course, already do not remember, but we just got!".

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