The ranking of the most sexy women in the world

The ranking of the most sexy women in the worldThe German edition of FHM magazine has published an annual list of the 100 most sexy women in the world. This year it was attended by over 21 thousand readers.First place by a wide margin took the 24-year-old singer Amy Winehouse, who recently attracted attention with their music, and problems with drugs and alcohol. Chief editor of FHM Christian Kallenberg says: "the Stormy life left an imprint on the Englishwoman. Bad teeth, impure skin and colored hair is not what men like".In second place was the colleague Amy in the shop - a 26-year-old Britney Spears. American pop star in recent times to no avail wandered around Los Angeles and we were overeating, lack of care. Besides, it also brought to his home lover-the paparazzi.Third place was also taken by the person who urgently need treatment - 21-year-old Lindsay Lohan. She received acclaim for his comedies, but her own life is full of tragedy: drunkenness, drug use, prison.In five of the most non-sexual also got former member of the Spice Girls and wife of footballer David Beckham, Victoria Beckham (5), which asexuality ahead of the presidential candidate of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton (6), scandalous secular lioness Paris Hilton (7) and the star of TV series "Sex and the city" Sarah Jessica Parker (8).Non-sexual also was recognized as a native of Russia, Angela Ermakova (45), became famous for his fleeting shameful "novel" with the tennis player Boris Becker in the closet for brush, and resulted in the birth of their daughter Anna. Source: the Ranking of the most sexy women in the world.

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