Yagudin is not yet ready to marry Savelieva

Yagudin is not yet ready to marry SavelievaRecently Alexei Yagudin and Sasha Savelyev overcome the issues and work, but only about his personal life and upcoming wedding.General attention to this pair is not surprising, since their romance began on the project "Ice age" and developed practically in the public eye.However, the beautiful ending of the story with the wedding cake, rings, white dress and veil should not be expected. Lovers do not deny: they live under the same roof, they are happy, but the wedding in their plans not listed."I don't want anything to think," says Sasha Savelieva. - I can say one thing: I do not advocate extra stamps in your passport. If Alex will be able to convince that he was my man that we will live happily ever after together, I'll think about marriage".Alexei Yagudin is also not in a hurry to the Registrar, and with Sasha this question he's not ready to discuss."I'm Sasha proposals do, it's all the media blew it," said the skater in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets". - Surprisingly, even printed a comment from my mom, which is generally no one speaks on this topic. I really communicating with Sasha Savelieva, and all is well. But about the wedding speech does not go yet".On the remark that his mom probably already dreaming about grandchildren, Yagudin said: "She can, and wants, but first I should want. But I still like it now. This does not mean that I don't want kids. Want, but later." Source: Yagudin is not yet ready to marry Savelieva.

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