Serdyuchka moved Galkin road

Serdyuchka moved Galkin roadImpresario known parodist Victor Shulman decided to drive instead of maxima in 20 German cities tested.Instead of pet million Maxim Galkin in Germany in the same halls, prepared for the humorist, will speak hero of "Eurovision-2007" Andrey Danilko.A terrible scandal, the failure of the Maxim tours in German lands, the like of which you still don't know show business, has received unexpected continuation.The actor, known for the spectator under the pseudonym Verka Serduchka, in October, going on tour, which was prepared for the parodist, suddenly abolished their concerts.After the famous parodist Galkin with grandiose scandal tore their tour through Germany, "throwing" the organizers of 550 000 euros (and the total damage estimated impresario Victor Shulman, amounted to almost $ 1.5 million), the Western organizers of the concerts are afraid to communicate with Russian actors.ShulmanAs told "Your DAY," Mr. Shulman, the most frequently asked question to which it is addressed to specialists, it - "to Call or not to call the Russians?".

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