Lolita calms the nerves, playing machines

Lolita calms the nerves, playing machinesIrritated at the incompetence of musicians, Lolita for a few minutes before the start of his solo concert went to calm down the nerves to the arcade.The fact that shortly before the concert artist was furious, knowing that her appearance on the stage absolutely nothing is done. Distressed singer decided to reassure himself. Looking around in the lobby of the hotel "Cosmos", a popular TV presenter noticed a video arcade. Undaunted, Lolita went to calm down the nerves in the arms "armed bandits".Pulling from her bag a stack of bills, the artist began to send money into the machine. After a few minutes of the game from the doldrums singer not a trace remained. About half an hour the singer enthusiastically played. Procediu tidy sum and finishing his last glass of cocktail, the actress decided to stay, the newspaper "Your day".Not so long ago Lolita has already been seen in addiction to the game: while on tour in Ulyanovsk, she reached the point that, having lost all their savings, had to borrow money from friends. Source: Lolita calms the nerves, playing machines.

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