Gazmanov seriously damaged the nose

Gazmanov seriously damaged the nose Famous singer Oleg Gazmanov broke his nose, falling off a cliff during a vacation in the mountains of the Austrian Salzburg.Despite the fact that Oleg Mikhailovich skis for a long time and during this time received no serious injury, this time his luck, apparently, turned away.- I have been riding for ten years and all the time without problems, but this time I fell and suffered a serious injury - admitted "Z" Oleg Gazmanov.The darling of millions of Russians, sliding down the steep hill at high speed, went off the road and fell off a cliff, hitting his head.The speedAccording to Oleg Mikhailovich, the incident occurred due to the fact that he is on the descent I decided to avoid a skier. After turning from the main road, the singer realized that there is a huge jump, ending in a deep ravine. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the artist while riding unbuckled one ski.I was sure that'll take us off the ramp without any problems, " says the "Z" Oleg Budargin. Eventually severe contusions and a broken nose.The consequencesDespite the pain, the Gazmanov tried to remain calm.Feeling a great responsibility to his wife and children, with whom he was on vacation, Oleg Mikhailovich, after recovering from the initial shock, went to a sports store and bought a special helmet.- Pain in the shoulder, formed abrasion on the nose and a bump on the forehead, " says the singer. But, thank God, all the wounds I heal quickly.Of course, on vacation Gazmanov will remain not only sad memories.- The most on this trip was pleased that Marianne (wife of Oleg Mikhailovich. - Ed.) first skis. Source: Gazmanov seriously damaged the nose (photo).

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