Gurtskaya fell into depression because of the missing cross

Gurtskaya fell into depression because of the missing crossPectoral cross $30 000 that belonged to singer Diana Gurtskaya, disappeared from the hotel in Sweden, where the artist stopped during a promotional tour on the eve of "Eurovision".Expensive jewelry was snatched while Diana with her husband met with the Russian Ambassador in Sweden. Impressionable artist can not recover, although since then it's been a few days. Diana is confident that the loss of the Shrine is not a good sign, especially on the eve of a trip on "the Eurovision-2008". Due to excessive emotions exhausted going in full swing preparing for the trip to Belgrade artist became depressed.A few months ago, close friends of the singer gave her the gift of a pectoral cross made of white gold, studded with diamonds and agates. The actress was over the moon with happiness to receive such a present...- We stayed in one of the most expensive hotels Stockholm, told the husband of artist Peter Kucherenko. - Diana usually never took the cross, but this time at the insistence of the stylist she still left it on the table. After returning from the event, we couldn't find anywhere else decoration, but worry not, because it decided that the assistant put it together with the other jewels in the safe, and the key on the rules of the hotel passed to them.And only in the morning, when the couple took the jewels from the safe, found an expensive loss, the newspaper "Your day".Realizing that there was a robbery, Diane and Peter put on the ears of the entire hotel, but to find a cross, unfortunately, failed.Only, we were told that our room was visited by a woman, " says a frustrated Peter. - Now we are actively searching cross. Later in Vilnius we found that Diana is gone out of a suitcase, two new concert dresses. Our position is simple: we believe that this is theft, but not loss, and wait for the investigation!After Breakfast incident, Diana fell into a real depression. Because in a month she needs to present at the international contest "Eurovision-2008" Georgia.- Never in my life Diana money or value is not lost. Of course, she is going through. And you wouldn't care if you stole a piece of jewelry that stands as a decent car?! Close as you can support Diane, said Peter. "We hope that our competition cross still comes back to us and Diana with peace of mind will go to Eurovision to represent their homeland. Source: Gurtskaya fell into depression because of the missing cross.

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