Jan Arlozorov save doctors

Jan Arlozorov save doctors Monday famous humorist Ian Arlozorov got into one of the specific Metropolitan hospitals with severe disease.Disease, discovered by doctors, tormented 60-year-old Ian Meierovica for a long time. From time to time he was forced to seek help from doctors. During another hospitalization the doctors warned of Arlozorov that everything is very serious and needs surgery. Jan Meierovica this news is so shocking that he immediately... left the clinic.However, joking with health humorist still did not. After a few months passed in clinic maintenance therapy, and after went abroad, where he was operated.The disease, which overwhelmed the artist, is that after the surgical intervention required specialized course of treatment. His Jan Majorowicz decided to take in one of the Moscow clinics. According to doctors, the treatment will be quite long. Source: Jan Arlozorov save doctors (photos).

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