Awarded the national film award `Nika`

Awarded the national film award `Nika`The Victor of the 21st awards ceremony for the national film award "Nika" has become a Russian - Kazakh film "Mongol" by Sergei Bodrov.Honoring the winners was completed at the State academic theatre of the Russian Army in the night of Saturday, ITAR-TASS reported. "Mongol" was named best film of the year, also noted the work of the Director, sound engineer, artist, costume designer and operator. This film tells about the young years of Genghis Khan. The picture was nominated this year from Kazakhstan to the American Oscars.According to Sergei Bodrov, "nick is a very good ceremony, distinguished by its humanity and humor. "This award is closely linked my life," he said, accepting the award. - I remember 11 years ago I got it for the film "Caucasian captive", then I went on stage with Oleg Menshikov and Sergei Bodrov Jr.". After the death of the son of the Director was taking "nick", was posthumously awarded Serezha. "And I will never forget the compassion that was then out of the hall," admitted Bodrov.The main prize was presented to the Director, the head of Federal Agency on culture and cinematography of the Russian Federation Mikhail Shvydkoy. "We finally lived up to those years, when the state no longer in debt to cinema," he said. Movies there are more than there are prizes and festivals. Invited to appear in Russia gГ©rard Depardieu easier and cheaper than Khabensky or Porechenkov". Thus Shvydkoi expressed hope that "the movie will still remain in the art and mission" and not be solely focused on commercial success.Three of the award "Nika" received at the ceremony of the film "Simple things" by Alexei Popogrebsky, two - picture "12," Nikita Mikhalkov. In the category "Best actor" won Sergey Garmash /"12"/, "Best female role" named as game of Masha Shalaeva in the tape of Anna Melikyan's "mermaid".For the whole ceremony hall stood up three times. Thus honored the memory of Alexander Abdulov, who was posthumously awarded the special prize in the nomination "For outstanding contribution to Russian cinema". Coincidentally, the award was given in birthday year-old daughter of the artist, for which specially manufactured small "nick". In addition, the audience rose when the award in the nomination "Honour and dignity" received Danelia, and for the best supporting actor was awarded Leonid Bronevoy.Overall the evening was very sincere, cheerful and not prolonged. Especially liked the audience picks parodist Maxim Galkin and master of ceremonies, artistic Director of "Nicky" Yuli Gusman. Maxim went on stage to present the award for "Best supporting actress". "As shown by recent elections, the role of the second plan is very important," joked Galkin and on behalf of Renata Litvinova began to talk nearly 10-minute anecdote about little Red riding Hood. "It was the longest monologue in the history of "Nicky," he said Gusman. - But the winner in this category Maria Aronova managed by this time to come out of the theater and get a well-deserved award". Broadcast of the ceremony will be held today at the CTC. Source: Awarded the national film award "Nika"".

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