McCain has published the data about their health

McCain has published the data about their healthThe candidate for US presidents from Republican party John McCain unveiled details about their health from 2000 to 2008.According to history, the last time he was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2002, but since then no signs of illness the Senator was not. The blood pressure and weight for his age is perfectly normal.However, as is clear from the medical record, John McCain is taking medication to lower cholesterol.If the Senator from Arizona, which in August will celebrate 72 years, wins the November presidential election, he would be the oldest politician, for the first time became the owner of the White house.According to correspondents, revealing data about their health, Senator McCain, apparently, seeks to assure the voters that age is not an obstacle for him as President.Choosing a partnerThe personal physician of Senator John Eckstein told the news Agency the associated press that by completing at John McCain during the exercise stress test, better than many of his younger patients."In my opinion, John McCain is physiologically much younger than his years, judging by the condition of his cardiovascular system," he said.The most serious illness during this period, McCain had melanoma - the most dangerous kind of skin cancer.The tumor was diagnosed three times - in 1993, 2000 and 2002, but was able to neutralize.In February of this year, McCain excised squamous cell carcinoma is easily treatable type of skin cancer.During a routine colonoscopy in March he removed benign polyps of the rectum.According to correspondents, because McCain is quite old age, everyone will be closely watching who will he choose as his partner in the elections.In the event of a McCain victory, this person will become Vice President, and in case of death of the McCain - President.In these days the Senator will meet with the three candidates who, as indicated by the reviewers, are favorites.This former Governor of Massachusetts and presidential candidate MITT Romney, Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal and Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Source: McCain unveiled details about their health. . . . Читать полностью -->

Basque celebrated the anniversary of distiller's unprecedented uproar

Basque celebrated the anniversary of distiller's unprecedented uproarAt the ceremony on the occasion of the anniversary of his friend Vladimir Vinokur Nikolay Baskov made a real brawl. In the performance of "organ-grinder" colleagues have seen it all, but this time nick has outdone himself...After the evening host Ivan Urgant retired from the stage, the place of the main Joker of the holiday was vacant and Nicholas, of course, were quick to exploit the situation. Once made a cake, Basque decided to try a tidbit first, but your brain sharp expression stopped him.Where, b..., and well leave it be! - cried the birthday boy. - Kolka! Don't touch the cake!!!After a dainty cut, under Nicholas famous song Allegrova happy birthday" decided to "feed" all those present. The ringleader began to chase with a piece of cake for the guests around the room, trying to get some of them.First on the way jovial caught a parodist Alexander Peskov. Nick instantly painted the face of the artist.Help to sweet parodist arrived Lubov Uspenskaya. Читать полностью -->

JK Rowling gave evidence in court

JK Rowling gave evidence in courtThe Creator of Harry Potter author JK Rowling made in the district court of Manhattan in new York city which began on the day before the hearing on the case of breach of copyright.Rowling stated that the intention of a small us publisher RDR Books to publish an encyclopedia about Potter upset her to such an extent that she can no longer write, reports The Daily Telegraph.The writer noted that the book "Lexicon of Harry Potter "consists of materials stolen from the works, on which I spent 17 years of his life". Rowling once again pointed out that the encyclopedia violates its copyright, and said that she had to suspend work on another book due to the fact that the trials of the last months "devastated" her.Not yet published encyclopedia based on the collections of fans of the cult hero, posted on the website created by Steve Vander Ark in 2000. Every year this site has 25 million fans Rowling and her character. Publisher RDR Books defends its right to release the encyclopedia Vander Arch, believing her to be an independent publication.At a hearing Monday JK Rowling put on a performance. When the lawyer writer asked what feelings she's experiencing in relation to Harry Potter, she replied: "I don't wanna cry".42-year-old writer is planning to release its own encyclopedia about Harry Potter, and proceeds from the sale money to spend on charity. However, at trial, Rowling stated that the intention Vander Arch to publish materials from the site Harry Potter Lexicon, leaving her to decide whether to release their own version of the book. Читать полностью -->

Rihanna blasted the organizers of the concert in Moscow

Rihanna blasted the organizers of the concert in Moscow20 - year-old singer Rihanna threw a fit the organizers of the concert in Moscow when it landed the plane, not in the airport and forced to go through airport security with ordinary passengers.About it writes "Your day".The trouble singer began even before the departure to the capital. First, the star was unable to leave dГјsseldorf, where he performed on Saturday. German airline delayed the flight because of bad weather. And then the side of the singer we had put in Domodedovo airport, and not at Vnukovo-3, as planned earlier.In the end, the star landed in Moscow with a time delay. And even in the very remote from the city airport. Besides Rihanna had to pass through passport control together with the passengers of regular flights."She threw my managers on the way to the hotel - said "TD" organizers of the Moscow concert of world-famous celebrity. Читать полностью -->

Valeria exceeds energy even Madonna

Valeria exceeds energy even MadonnaLegendary star Robin Gibb said that the Russian singer superior energy world pop Queen.On Saturday in one of the elite clubs in Moscow at the presentation of the long awaited album by Valeriya Out Of Control Russian star sang a duet with British musician Robin Gibb.- Valerie just amazing energy - admitted after the presentation, Mr. Gibb. - Perhaps even stronger than the Madonna. I have not met! I am sure that on the world stage Valery has a great future!Robin Gibb - one of three brothers who founded the legendary group the Bee Gees, whose work was an integral part of the movement disco. Albums of this team at the time, sold millions of copies.In Russia Mr Gibb invited the husband and the producer of the singer Iosif Prigozhin, in order to make a gift.ValeriaWith Valerie Robin met last year in London. After hearing her sing the song Stayin - Alive, Mr. Читать полностью -->

Kobzon again appealed for help to the doctors

Kobzon again appealed for help to the doctorsThe Maitre of the Russian singers Joseph Kobzon due to poor health had to ask again for help to the doctors. In one of the elite medical centers in Moscow, 70-year-old singer was prescribed a course of specialized therapy.The last time Joseph is feeling unwell. But due to the tight schedule of the tour, the singer found time to go to the doctors. To persuade the legendary singer to seem doctors manage his wife Nelly, the newspaper "Your day".- After the course of treatments, we will conduct a survey and then decide on further treatment, says doctor of the clinic where treated Kobzon. - I hope that therapy will be effective. Source: Kobzon again appealed for help to the doctors. Читать полностью -->

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